Product Comparison
Comparison among Feedo® most important features and benefits
Edition Enterprise
Price $3600 USD
License validity Lifetime
Maximum number of ingredients Unlimited
Create & edit ingredients Yes
Define ingredient prices Yes
Create & edit ingredient analysis (Nutritional Composition) Yes
Simple & advanced search Yes
Create & edit ingredient types Yes
Assign ingredients to animals / birds and ingredient types Yes
Assign ingredient types to animals / birds Yes
Ingredient analysis search Yes
Define rounding factor Yes
Maximum number of price groups Unlimited
Create & edit price groups Yes
Maximum number of restriction groups Unlimited
Create & edit restriction groups Yes
Create & edit equations Yes
Maximum number of nutrients Unlimited
Create & edit nutrients Yes
Simple & advanced search Yes
Maximum number of animal / bird requirements Unlimited
Create & edit animal / bird requirements at different ages Yes
Create & edit nutrient groups Yes
Assign nutrients to animals / birds, nutrients groups, and analysis types Yes
Assign nutrient groups to animals / birds Yes
Create & edit equations Yes
Create & edit relation groups Yes
Rations (Formulas)
Maximum number of rations Unlimited
Maximum number of manual rations Unlimited
Create & edit rations Yes
Least-cost formulation Yes
Ingredient restrictions Yes
Nutrient restrictions Yes
Use nutrient ratios Yes
Use ingredient ratios Yes
View ration result Yes
Ingredient type restrictions Yes
Use ingredient type ratios Yes
Switch between dry matter and as fed Yes
Display shadow prices Yes
Display ingredient accepted cost Yes
Display ingredient difference price Yes
Simple & advanced search Yes
Save rations as ingredients Yes
Mark ration as inactive Yes
Animals / Birds
Maximum number of animals / birds Unlimited
Create & edit animals / birds Yes
Maximum number of breeds Unlimited
Create & edit breeds Yes
Create & edit breed groups Yes
Assign breeds to breed groups and animals / birds Yes
Maximum number of all equations Unlimited
Define simple & complex equations Yes
Verify equations before saving Yes
Analysis Types
Maximum number of analysis types Unlimited
Assign analysis types to animals / birds Yes
Automatic rounding Yes
Manual rounding Yes
Save rounding result as ingredient Yes
Batch rounding Yes
Access Roles
Maximum number of users 1
Change login password Yes
Retrieve forgotten password Yes
Create & edit new users No
Restrict users to specific plants Yes
Restrict users to specific screens Yes
Restrict users to specific actions (view, insert, update, and delete) in screens Yes
General Features
Maximum number of computers 2
Supports English language Yes
Supports Arabic language Yes
Backup database at any time Yes
Restore a previous database backup at any time Yes
Maximum number of currencies Unlimited
Use custom company logo in reports Yes
Advanced Features
Use multi-plants Yes
Use multi-blending Yes
Use parametric Yes
Report capabilities
Display reports Yes
Print reports Yes
Export reports to PDF Yes
Export reports to Excel Yes
Export reports to Word Yes
Add custom remarks to reports' footer Yes
Hide cost Yes
Display differences Yes
Display charts Yes
Comparison among different rations Yes
Comparison among different multi-blends Yes
Included reports
Ingredient actual ration result Yes
Nutrient actual ration result Yes
Consolidated ingredient & nutrient actual ration result Yes
Animal / Bird requirements Yes
Ingredient analysis Yes
Ingredient ration rounding Yes
Nutrient ration rounding Yes
Consolidated ingredient & nutrient ration rounding Yes
Ingredient batch rounding Yes
Nutrient batch rounding Yes
Consolidated ingredient & nutrient batch rounding Yes