Technical Support

Customer Support

When you buy any Feedo® edition*, you will receive a 1 year subscription of VetSoft® customer support which includes the following features:

Feedo® Updates:
VetSoft® will provide you with Feedo® updates and improvements; which will help you keep your Feedo® edition up-to-date.
Feedo® support begins at the date of purchase and will expire in 1 year if not renewed.
Emails Support:
Unlimited e-mail support from VetSoft® support department. Our goal is to answer your questions and help you to achieve the best benefit from Feedo®.
Telephone Support:
VetSoft® found that some customers may be in need of direct phone calls support. So we have added this facility to keep in touch with our customers and listen to their comments.
Live Support:
VetSoft® noticed the importance of going live with customers, so we have added a live support through remote connection to the customer's computer to help him/her achieve targeted goals.

* Technical support does not include the following editions:
- Trial edition.
- Educational edition.